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Gah! Stupid tax website! The forms recommend doing it online (which makes to me too cos I can delete mistakes), but it can take up to 7 days to activate cos they post you gubbins. Why on earth are they asking me now about my tax for 2002-2003? I could understand if they were asking about this year.


1) because 2002-3 has finished, and we're still in 2003-4
2) They're just a bit late getting you the form, but you still have 3 months to fill it out
3) It's worth waiting the 7 days (and it wasn't that long for me). The website's really easy to use.


You can tell I'm in a foul whiny mood can't you. If I'd known I'd have to wait 7 days, I'd not have wasted my morning trying to do my tax return. I'd have gone and watched the re-enactors hit each other.