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I've got a new place to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's HUGE!!!! And the new place to live is pretty big too! *giggle

I'm very happy, but at the same time not very happy as my mum phoned last night to tell me the very unhappy news that my dad only has months to live. He's been very poorly but no-one had said that it was the kind of thing that kills people off. Hopefully he can see my new place soon so he can see that I'm not a useless waste of time and crap etc...

Oh yeah, in case you haven't heard, I've got a new place to live!!!!!

I think I've really lucked out on it cos it's lovely. There are a few niggling things that need some work, but otherwise it's LOVELY!!!!

Oh and I'm not drunk - that was last night. Yummy Gale's wine all evening! Very cheap bottles they sell</yoda>

House warming (if one is going to happen - I doubt I get a chance to say no) is provisionally next Friday. Anyone attending shall have a big raspberry blown at them like this *phthhhhp*. I shall no doubt work out more details at a later date when I'm not so excited.

PS. Nick won the "Who can see the new place first" competition, closely followed by Adrian.

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