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The Weekend starts here...

This entry contains stuff for my weekend, which as per usual started on Friday. This weekend was Runnymon (Gotta play 'em all), so Friday was spent playing Sabbat. I had lots of fun despairing at the ineptitude of the others on our many attempts to capture some anarchs. When we got back to the Esbat we discovered people were doing a ritual to assertain how quickly we should kill Adam the crap Lasombra. Except due to the crapness of WW rules, he managed to sneak out through a loop hole. I imagine I played some more Dark Alliance too when I got home too.

Saturday was definitely started off by playing more Dark Alliance :)

I amazingly managed to make it to Garou on time. w00t! Go me! It was a quiet game as there was only one ST and we didn't want to overstress him. Had fun beating up Agent Smith as played by lucifa

Then was C/A which included us doing diabolical rituals, praying to Egyptian gods and a large dollop of angst. Mostly other peoples' angst, although I did dish up a large amount towards the end. Which was entirely due to me not wanting a repeat of the end of the Hatfield game. Grr...no stealing people after time-out.

Didn't play Dark Alliance when I got home, cos I'd convinced lucifa that walking home was a bad plan and that she could crash at mine.

Sunday once lucifa had headed home started off with the now obligatory Dark Alliance session. It's sooooo cool - I have chain lightning and I'm beating up Frost Giants and stuff.

Mage started off quite slowly as everyone disappeared off to deal with plot, leaving me to look af the visitors. But I decided to build a new toy, which has probably caused me lots more trouble. Then back to House of Plot to watch a film and eat takeaway. . Which could be summarised as "I roleplayed a lot"