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Why do I get the feeling it was a bad idea getting a large amount of chocolate on special...It's just sitting there...staring at me...daring me to eat it...


Put it in a bag, label it with my address, stamp and post it. End of problem! *grin*


Well I could do that, but I don't believe the address I have for you is correct. So you wouldn't get it anyway. So I shall just keep it for myself.

Luckily after 2 twixes I now feel full, so the rest have a (brief) stay of execution :)


well yes and if i didn`t know then i would ask. But then i live (and not love if anyone saw my orginal quote) with two computer geeks...


Um...I get the sneaky suspicion you've just randomly replied to one of my entries without realising it's the wrong one? :)

Or at least, I can't see how it relates to me having a large stash of chocolate *boggles*


well see i told you im useless with computers!!!