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Grrr. I'm getting really annoyed with the stupid idiot who is clearly infected with a virus and hasn't made any attempts to say "Oopps! Sorry!" or clear their machine out. Despite it being mentioned several times by now on the various lists they're spamming.


I suspect they are receiving the same e-mails as everyone else if they are spamming lists. It does say in some of the info that your machine can seem ok. So they may not know it is their machine. I wouldn't unless it affected me - I just know my spam killer killed it. Oh, and I don't open attachments without knowing who they are from, and why they are sending it. Usually I dont even open the mail unless I recognise the person. :)
well they may be like me and not realise they are infected with said virsus.

or maybe they are just special!!!

*hug* glad to hear your happy (if ranty at the mo)


Yeah, but if I said "Hey - you might have a virus - please check" would you take no notice?

Bah. It just bugs me that I could narrow it down to about 6 possible people and none of them are so crap with computers not to be able to deal with it in some way - even poking someone handy nearby that could.