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[EDIT] Oops - looks like the original site was far too popular, but the author has posted a link to the real website where these pictures are...so go look there instead.

Everyone go look at this website full of crazy 3D pavement pictures. Don't worry - they're work safe, but very brain hurting.


Wow, they are very cool!
My brain does indeed hurt! :)

I think the one of 2 guys drawing on the pavement is the worst. I thought it was a picture of the artists working on their latest project at first.

Also pay attention to the beer. One is real, the other isn't (opposit of the artist).

Oh yeah...I wonder if that spray can is real in the fly picture too.

I linked them from my journal a while ago ;)
Everyone go look at this webpage full of crazy pavement pictures.

It looks like everyone did just that and the page got slashdotted.

*points* I blame you.

Bah. Wasn't just me. Anyway - I've updated with the actually artist's website now.