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Gah! It's early, I'm sitting here patiently waiting for the planets to be the correct alignment so that I can go and get the VERY LARGE sum of money from the bank. The planets in this particular occassion are the bank opening and the next train to Chertsey. The Bank opens very late in the morning (9:30 I think) and the train is at 10:07. There is one at 9:34, but somehow I don't think I can get into the bank, get the cash, race to the station, buy a ticket in under 4 minutes.

For a start, it'll take at least 30 minutes to get the cash as there is bound to be a decrepid old lady who wants to deposit all her 1pence pieces and will insist on counting them out, one at a time to the cashier. She'll then lose count halfway through and have to repeat the process several times. In fact, just in case of this eventuality, I've discovered the next train will be at 10:50 which will give me at least an hour to get the cash.