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Rumour control...

Hmmm...looking at the recent comments in my last entry, you'd almost think it was my birthday... *grins*

Yah! I'm 21 today (rumours of it being 30 are unfounded unless you're working in base 7)


happppeeeeee burfdeeeeeeeeeeeeee
congratulations :D
Aww, don't be depressed. We wuv j00.
Hippy barfday, Maddy.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
kuh, no-one keeps me informed about anything. . . .

'appy birfday squire
21? Naaaaah. I dun' believe you! That makes you younger'n me!

Hippo Bidet 2 Ewes ;-)

A song

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Other Chri-is
Happy Birthday to You