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It seems to be the day for being plagued by annoying people. Despite not being part of the support team any more, I'm being constantly emailed by a guy wanting support on stuff that has been in place for months. I've already supplied him with the information he needs a dozen times, but he keeps asking the same questions.

I've thankfully managed to find a phonenumber for Barclays to pre-warn them of the large withdrawal I'm making tomorrow. You'd have thougth they'd have a number on their webshite, but they don't. Luckily there is one on the back of their bit of plastic.


The problem with the solicitor, is that if he doesn't get the money by Friday, he then won't pay the money out and I won't get the house. At least that is the impression I got. So his stupidity will cost me the house. To make matters worse, because in effect it'll be my fault that the sale doesn't complete on time, I'll be the one shafted to pay more money.