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Just realised I'd missed out yesterday's entry...which would have been about Wednesday. Rock night was dead quiet. Well quiet in the lack of people I knew. Felt out of place so went home and had kebab with chilli sauce to try and clear my nose out.

Pub last night was good though. Discovered that if I wiggle the neck muscles on lucifia or inquis they get all twitchy. Which was fun(ny). Drank lots of vodka and oranges for my cold - I think it's done some good.

Today at work we've just had most of the team scurrying around the machine room trying to locate a burning smell :) Or rather everyone else was - I can't smell a thing. Found a powersupply that had burnt out - or gone boom rather. One of the gubbins inside had exploded (only a tiny thing tho) and taken out the bit next to it.

And we've been given mincepies too. Except I had one of those Mr Kipling xmas pudding slices instead, cos they're yummy too