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Oddly for a weekend post, I'm going to start a whole lot earlier on Monday. Last Monday not today, that is. Last Monday Nick wasn't in cos he'd gone to Canterbury for pre-xmas holiday with in-laws and stuff. He was off the entire week.

On Friday I charge my gizmo - means it'll survive the weekend hopefully. It was at this point that I'd discovered that the charger I was using had vanished. Luckily I managed to borrow someone elses. Found out this morning that Nick had taken the charger with him - it's a car charger you see and I was borrowing it off him. Oops

The rest of the weekend was a lot less foolish. Sort of. Friday I ended up watching Highlander at House of Plot. On Saturday, I got up at stupid-o'clock so that I had plenty of time to get ready and head up the hill to say goodbye to izzy_stradlin. Hurrah for Redbull. Like a ninja I snuck out of Founders without meeting her family - go, sneaky me!

I was intending on going and getting a mobile, but decided I didn't have enough time, so went home with intention of playing on the PS2. Except I ended up phoning mum instead and paying my gas/electricity bills. Headed into London with wildrogue and Mike for Sabbaty goodness.

Wasn't entirely sure I was playing, but somehow £2 leapt out of my wallet and I found myself signed in. Game was quiet and subdued and filled mostly with idiots babbling insanely. Oh and a Monomacy for Arch Bish. Which was good.

Popped out inbetween games for food and randomly bumped into barty and kimkali. Had McDs and then returned just in time for C/A to start. Which was very odd. 2nd month in a row that London C/A had started on time. Very scarey. Definitely a sign of the end times ;)

C/A was much needed. No being bent over and buggered by plot this time - just lots of moralisation, animated dragon toys and happiness. I'm a man with a mission!

Sunday (including the previous night :) I spent playing The Sims. I've decided to try and get all the locked items I've not got yet, so have "failed" to complete the second level, but have spent it boosting my Sim's skills up to their maxes.

Managed to drag myself away long enough to go to the pub and found a doris there. Went to House of Plot for much Halo fun. The new game style they've come up with is harsh but mucho fun. Then we played Bang! Which I suck at - especially when I forget whether I'm an outlaw or a deputy and start shooting the Sheriff :)