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Watched Pirates of the Carribean last night. Lovely film. And ate chinese takeaway too. Yum. And made use of my much underused massage skills too. Discovered I snore much less if I sleep sitting upright. Which isn't particulary easy with the headboard on my bed. Armchair is quite comfy though.

izzy_stradlin got me a really cool xmas pressie (she wouldn't let me wait until xmas to open it). It's a dragon's claw rising out of clouds or water holding a cup. I suspect the cup is meant to look like an egg or something - it's the right sort of shape.

Oh and I had an odd dream.

It didn't really make much sense, but started off at the social hall. And there was a cat wandering about - a stray. It was a nice cat, but at some point during the dream when I was showing it to someone else, it had lost all it's fur and skin, so you could see it's innards. At least that is what it looked like.

And then I was some place else - a really nice house. But there was a problem with the lights. And water. Lots of water leaking into the house - I think it was the water that was short circuiting the lights too. I vaguely remember there being a stream that was feeding into the one of the walls in the house that had decayed and rotted away.

And there were more cats - nice cats not zombie cats. And other people.

If it wasn't for the fact that I wasn't scared, I'd have said this was meant to have been a nightmare. But it just didn't seem to have that effect.

Should have written this down earlier, cos it's already faded a fair bit.

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