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Woo...busy weekend.

Friday - Sabbat game. Had fun. Lots of angsty blood boiling moments.

Then we went to WGP. Managed to end up getting seperated as everyone else decided to walk along the lake and I went around the long way. Hadn't realised quite how far behind I was, so when I glanced through the bushes and saw people walking along the lake, I assumed it was the others. Got past the bushes and waited to see where they were heading and then noticed that someone was walking down the path I was on, towards me. Figured it was a warden or something and toyed with hiding in the bushes, but realised I was clearly visible so decided to face the music. Except as they got closes, I realised it was Giles...whoever was down by the lake path had vanished when I looked back.

The rest of the wander was pretty uneventful. And we went back to izzy_stradlin's room where I was mopey and dozed a lot. Cheered up a lot when I was told I was being silly.

Saturday - Took izzy_stradlin shopping in Staines and returned an overdue library book. Shocked her with how much I tend to spend when I go shopping - have many more DVDs now.

In the evening there was the medievil banquet. Lots of yummy food and mead. I like mead. Have some photos of the event which I'll wave at someone to put somewhere useful at some stage.

Sunday - Battle practice first. Mild amount of meepyness. Went to pub for brief pre-game snack. Raced back up to get to game and tripped over curb cos of stupid sun getting in my eyes. Got to game and examined knee as it was hurting and it felt "squishy" under my jeans. Found it was bleeding a fair bit, but thanks to Mike who had a first aid kit, I got it patched up.

Game was interesting as I decided to give Mike a trial run back in the game. Mostly it was confusing as it was like he never left. But he has plans now.

Went back to HoP for the usual food & film plan. Saw Rocketeer which was full of pulp action funness. Knee wasn't happy bunny - not good for sitting on floor with.

This morning the office is quiet. Every day for the past week the number of people in seems to drop. Oh well - might mean more for me to do.

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