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Didn't end up cooking again for izzy_stradlin has she had work to do with is far more important than anything else. Her getting a degree == good. Ended up going to the local pub for goodbye drinks with the guys and then headed up to the Beehive for the usual notquite-IFIS meet.

Pub was uneventful apart from Lyth being a bit of a flid and waving his arms around too near the bar and smashing his hand into the glass rack above it. Which resulted in about half a dozen glasses going flying and smashing onto the floor below. The bar staff found it highly amusing thankfully and there were no injuries - apart from Lyth's hand.

Got in to discover that the electrical testing guy had been around and done my machine. I only worked this out because my machine had been cruely powercycled. Not nicely rebooted - I'd imagine he just hit the power button, but he might as well have ripped the power socket out. Bah. Gonna spend the next month re-opening all the windows I've spent the past 3 months opening.

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