maddy (themadone) wrote,

Just back from the Cthuhlu game.

"Welcome to Antartic Alien City tours. If you'll follow me, we'll start by showing you lots of hideous muriels depicting dispicable alien races eating other. Next on the tour we shall see their strange alien technology. If you look to your right you'll see several Shogoths(sp)...would you mind keeping the gibbering and frothing insanely down at the back..."

Yup. It finally happened. My character lost all his SAN and then some - which admittedly was only 15 at the time. He managed to lose 18 SAN points in one go. Blam! Gibbering veggie. Or not as one of the other party employed hideous butt licking to his patron diety and I got a 2nd chance. This time, I managed to roll a whole lot better and only lost 6 SAN. So still some gibbering and frothing, but not enough to stop me from holding down the trigger and filling the damn things full of lead.

And then - as is the way of such things. I regained 2 SAN points. Obviously I'm not allowed to actually go up in SAN - just steadily down. It is Cthuhlu after all.

Next week we find out why Simon grins maniaclly every time he's reminded of my character's home town - which admittedly he picked, purely because it amused him. I suspect a real harshing is in order.

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