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Blergh. Yet another night of crap sleep. At least this one differs in that I didn't keep waking up and feeling restless. I've finally managed to do a full minutes workout though, which did make me late for work. According to my scales - which I don't trust as far as I could throw them - I lost a couple of lbs too. We shall see :)

Yesterday was...interesting. Ended up going to WGP and visiting the temple with montysheep, winterdreamer and izzy_stradlin. It was very odd wandering around the woods in the dark, but once you got used to it - wasn't as scarey as I'd expected. Despite certain people's claims - we didn't get thrown out either.


Technically according to the rules you aren't allowed in the park after sunset, but it is so big you can wander round and not be spotted by the rangers, I haven't got caught yet...

Indeed. But apparently every time GB goes in there - he gets caught. I wouldn't be surprised if the woods don't give the rangers a helping hand... :)

*grin* that would be so cool to have forestwalking rangers! :)
I expect Gordan gets caught because they see he has parked his car in there somewhere...

Well that and he sticks to the main paths in the bit they keep a close eye on.

I wasn't particulary thinking of forestwalking rangers. More that they see/hear suspicious things that lead them towards him.

Who *is* this person, so I can avoid them?

Assuming the initials are the same, he's already annoyed someone else in under a week...
Big bloke, wears leather armour, plays a Brujah with lots of in your face flaws...

I wouldn't say he was annoying as such - just that when walking through a large wood outside opening hours (which I guess is technically trespassing) he doesn't think that going off the main paths which the rangers would be traversing is a good idea. But then given what people have said lurk off the paths, I can see why he might be less afraid of the rangers :)