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Somehow managed to get a dodgy old fiver over the weekend. Managed to ditch in Budgens cos unlike Tescos (who told it me it was dodgy and old) they don't pay attention to such details.

Managed to stagger up to battle practice in time to watch izzy_stradlin try out her new shiny dirk. Managed to miss her trying to get her thumb chopped off tho. Pub lunch was crap in that it didn't happen. Stupid pub was short staffed and so wasn't doing food. Ended up having a mad dash around Tescos getting stuff.

Didn't get around to playing old computer games like I'd wanted to - ended up playing The Sims (PS2) a lot instead. I can't wait for The Sims 2 to come out - hopefully I'll have my new PC by then.


Ah. Well Tescos refused it. Budgens didn't. Not that the person on the til gave it much of a glance except to see what denomination it was.

You should have said you were collecting old notes though...