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Well today has been a bit of a rollercoaster. On the downside, I had a very meepy izzy_stradlin to adore and cuddle. There were problems with the trains and we nearly didn't make it to Hatfield and there was no way we could have gotten back from Oxford, so we couldn't do both games.

But on the plus side, I eventually ended up with a girlfriend in much better mood and had an enjoyably evening in front of Ghost in the Shell with some Chinese takeaway (OMGWTF - she ate something ;) plus lots of cuddles and stuff which I shaln't go into details and bore people with.

Especially as you guys are far too depraved not to make it all up anyway and imagine me being far more "norty" than I actually was ;)


really glad things seem to be going swimmingly.. we must chat! I'm looking forward to hearing your beaming!

Well come down on Friday - it's been ages since we've seen you :)

what's going on on friday?

Oh you wouldn't like what is going on, on Friday - maybe Thursday would be better instead. *tries not look silly for getting the day wrong*

:D fully planning on thursday goodness... food plan?

Yup! izzy_stradlin might be turning up too and wants to try the Spag-cabonara, so could you email me the recipe or something cos you've got the book :)

ooh.. cool... i'll try and remember but i have the neg traits forgetful and crap...
*is less meepy* and now i have my alcohol back! muahahahaha!

And I expect to find most of it left when I see it next too! Or we'll steal it back for good :P