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Hurrah for caffiene!

Yesterday was fun once I finally got out of work. Not that work was bad, just not fun IYSWIM. Met up with lucfia for drinks and chat. Makes a change to see her not at a game, so we had lots of time to talk about stuff that wasn't centered around being crazy...mostly. Was lots of fun though and I'm sure we'll hang out more in the future.

Then just to prove how sane I was, I went and met izzy_stradlin and Pam as they got back from being "cultured", which foolishly resulted in me not getting to bed 'til nearly 4. But I got cuddles which made it all worthwhile.

Amazingly managed to wake up without feeling too crap - I'm guessing my sleep cycle length is about 4(ish) hours. This was a good thing as I discovered I had a meeting at 9:30 and I was intending to get in closer to 10, so I had to quickly grab some Redbull and ninja in at high speed. Obviously since I made an effort to hurry in, the meeting started late anyway ;)


aaaargh......bloody lecture in half an hour...is considering food but not hungry......sorry you were up till 4am......*smacks head*

If you're considering food, that probably means you're hungry - go eat!

And don't be sorry for making me happy. If you were keeping me up by doing something I didn't like, then you'd have cause to be sorry - but you're doing stuff I like ...cuddling before the perverts start getting ideas.

*snik* *snik* hehe! cant be bothered to eat....may eat tonight though.......

Eat or don't eat - there is no may ;)

(or at least I'm sure the pub will puree something and provide a funnel if we ask really nicely *grins*)

You is too skinny you should try to eat regularly :-p

Not that you don't eat, but you could try stop hugging people so much and keeping some of that weight on yourself ;)