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Am a sleepy, but not explodey bunny today. Was staying up late fitting a light bulb in Beth's room...and chatting lots with Sophie and Beth before you perverts get any funny ideas. ;)


Sophie AND Beth? My ;-)

*rolls eyes*

And I suppose pointing out that Sophie is gay isn't going to help is it? :)

Hot girl on girl action too? You saucy minx, you... ;-)
Boo, Do Sopie and Beth Have Lj Names Yat or must we inflict keys on them :-)
U @ Pub thurs?

They've been given LJ codes by inquis so I guess they'll be on soon. Should probably hide the evidence first though ;)

*wanders off to build a new patio*

Why is it always patios?

Why not Conservatory's, extensions, Gazeebos?

Well I only have a very small garden - not really big enough for much more than a patio or something. And even then, it's at the front of the house, so it's not technically a patio. Maybe I should make it a rockery(sp?).

rockery works, are you going to 'demand a shrubbery' too?

You're encouragable or something :)

no i don't think she needs much more encouragement ;)

Well yeah - it's why I'm leaving out any more incriminating evidence.

spoilsport :-)

Just 1...plus the previously mentioned first years ;)

Although actually it was Sophie that actually changed the lightbulb and me and Beth were holding her still/up. She only had a wobbly wheelie chair in her room.

Aha! So there is no need for me to be shocked that you changed a lightbulb.

Bah! There is only 1 lightbulb I can't reach in my place that I ask you to change for me (which needs changing btw). All the others I do myself. I'd have done this one too, but the chair was wobbly and I'm scared of heights :)