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Urg. If were a Swamp dragon, I'd swear I was developing jet propulsion. *gurgles loudly*


Erk Its GREEN, and thats GREEN not Green!!
Ok Heart restarted. ;-) [just kidding]

Find Kaolin based stuff is V.good.

Oh if your a swamp dragon can we keep you as a pet? we've even got some lamp oil!! :-)


G :-) [just poking fun no offence meant]

Bah! I'm not a pet! No idea what Kaolin is. Is it some kind of Monk? I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow - Nick and Estelle don't seem to be poorly any more and they had it before me.

kaolin is a white powder used in some indijestion medicines (ach i cant spell today) i think it comes from broken feldspar's (- i think) from granite.