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Ha! Made you look!

Seriously, not much has happened since the last post. Work has been OK - hopefully nearly finished with the current project. TP5 was full of faff, but we eventually managed to do a bit of RPing. Tried popping my head into Crosslands to see if IFIS were about, but didn't find anyone.

Did get 'orribly confused by a group of people I didn't quite recognise shouting "Geek!" at me a lot. Turns out they were actually shouting "Chez Geek!" at me cos they were from GameSoc and couldn't remember my name. Bumped into one of them outside who explained he loves playing the game and wants me to bring it next week. Which is do-able as I've been taking it with me every Monday I've been so far.

Looking forward with nervous anticipation to tonight. Managed to get in to work on time, so should be able to leave early enough to get ready. Eeep! Very nervous!


> Looking forward with nervous anticipation to tonight.

Good luck, and have fun! :)
good luck!
I hope you both have a lot of fun.