maddy (themadone) wrote,

Friday. Work have got arsey about me apparently spending all my time surfing the internet. Bah. Nick thinks it's cos of the shiny images and stuff on the screen. Nearly didn't make it to the Mage game as I was stuck trying to sort something out. But I did make it and it was good to play Mike again. I've no idea what the game was about though - I think I missed a lot of it due to the shiny game that was on the PS2. I didn't play it, I just stared at the flashing lights.

Saturday was the Sabbat game which was aimed at getting the new folk involved. Had fun helping out and got to inflict some pain. Then there was a Wacky Races style rush to get to the London C/A game. Cars, trains, planes - all manner of vehicles were used to get us there. Unfortunately the game started on time, so we (in the car) were late. But we were there in time for much Malky-angst and horror which was good.

Went back on the train so that sherbetsaucers could go to mage on Sunday. Bloody train was half the size and packed solid with people, but "luckily" we got on and had a lovely stand for most of the journey. Meant my BK meal was cold when I finally got a chance to sit down and eat it :(

Sunday I vegged a bit too much and couldn't be arsed to go to re-enactment. Pootled up to the pub just in time to get a lift of Gordan who'd already been and had completely failed to spot the people that were there. Then was Mage filled with time travel, murder and a jolly romp through a crazy guy's mind. And the day was finished off with curry and a showing of stuff (Monsters Inc. and Geordie Star Wars) round at House of Plot.

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