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(sorry majic13 - had to copy ;)

Blimey! Last night was full of surprises. I seemed to the only person who didn't know that xtasca was making a surprise and much overdue visit to us. Wow!

And then Asan turned up too, except I didn't get much of a chance to catch up with him.



I didn't know either!! :)
It was scary, lots of people who hadn't been to Thursday pub for ages, including me!!! :)
gah. i didn't know either :(
I didn't know either, or I'd have tried to get there myself. Pants.

Well she is planning on visiting more often. Wierdly it's apparently easier for her to visit when she's up norf then it is when she's in London. So there will be lot more chances.

How odd. In that case I must visit a lot more often too.
Although not just because she is there, obviously. I want to see all of the lovely egham people.