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Control Subject #1920 report

*dons flameproof suit*

Went and saw LXG last night. I thought it was a really good film.

So now that I've watched the film - what's next?


Read the comics and find out how it was supposed to have been done.

Ha! That's gonna be tricky. I barely had time to fit in watching the film. But I shall endevour to do so.

Good good. That is all then.
I could pass him volume 1 the graphic novel which, so I am told, is the comic story so far put in a book format.

It is much good - I liked both film and book, felt it was unfair that Miss Murry was [a] dumped from recruiter and [b] kept her married name - and had the mystery of who she was shoved down peoples throats. I didn't know till the movie came out, although I suspected due to the scarf :) I am a bit blonde like that you know.

I did like the reworkign of Quarterman though - but then I like Connery and he wouldn't have done the 'original' quite so well I think.

But if themadone wants to borrow said graphic novel he is most welcome anytime.
Waaahh I want to go and see it but looks like it will be sad trip on my own everyone seems to have seen it now

Hardly. It was just me, cryx and barty that went last night.

And whats wrong with seeing films on your own? I've seen many films by myself!

tis a shame that you were busy last night.. if you'd mentioned that you wanted to see it when i posted about my plan to see it, i'm sure we could have wiggled things about for you!


I say a Matrix trip. I dont wanna go on my own! Though can't go tomorrow...


Well there is that too - I was mostly asking about the experiment I'm a control subject in regarding LXG.