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I've just discovered that I've spent the entire weekend with myself logged onto #camuk. Oops. I'm surprised no-one kicked me out the channel.

What makes it doubley worse, is that I was told I'd left myself logged in, so when I dialed up on Sunday I was going to log out. But I forgot then too.



Just kicking doesn't work if you've set your irc client to automatically rejoin when you're disconnected. Banning for a minute will get rid of that problem.

Re: Explanation

Ah right. I've not made any attempts to do anything snazzy with my client yet - I'm more interested in getting it to do /me's in PMs. Which isn't impossible - I'm just crap and lazy and haven't written the code yet. I love having an IRC client I can (if I wasn't lazy) write new code for easily :)