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I've just discovered that I've spent the entire weekend with myself logged onto #camuk. Oops. I'm surprised no-one kicked me out the channel.

What makes it doubley worse, is that I was told I'd left myself logged in, so when I dialed up on Sunday I was going to log out. But I forgot then too.


Bad monkey

*slaps hand*
I had noticed but couldn't be arsed to kick/ban you.

Re: Bad monkey

Eeep! Banning is a bit harsh and probably not going to do anything cos I'd not have tried getting back in until this morning - unless you did a really long ban which would be really mean. Can't help it if I'm a dopey wotsit and had a busy weekend *grins*


Just kicking doesn't work if you've set your irc client to automatically rejoin when you're disconnected. Banning for a minute will get rid of that problem.

Re: Explanation

Ah right. I've not made any attempts to do anything snazzy with my client yet - I'm more interested in getting it to do /me's in PMs. Which isn't impossible - I'm just crap and lazy and haven't written the code yet. I love having an IRC client I can (if I wasn't lazy) write new code for easily :)

BTW - rather than ordinary e-mail I am LJing this - there seems to be a virus somewhere as james@ca.runnymede.camarilla.org.uk is spamming ooc@ca.runnymede.camarilla.org.uk with hot sex e-mails.

odd, very odd.

Yeah - I thought it was just spam, but we started getting the virus at work too. Looks like someone who is on the list is the source.

We also got this at work from james@ myworkdomain
It was about "private photos" and had a "zip" attachment (25K).

I don't think someone on the list is the source my work address isn't on any list and only very few people outside work/clients/work related people know it.

It's probably the source for the copies sent to the list. The copies you got would be someone who knows your address. The virus spreads by using address books and emails you've got knowledge of.