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Secondly, I think I've been talking to duana on here too much as I appear to have caught her cold. My nose is clogged, my throat is sore and I keep coughing.

Going to RockSoc on Wednesday didn't help the situation as some git was smoking the most acrid cigarettes I've ever had the misfortune to passive smoke. I might as well have been gargling acid given the state my throat was in. A good nights rest was in order...except I didn't get it. I admittedly woke up feeling a lot better, but not as good as I good have done. Felt well enough to go into work which didn't make me any worse.

Felt OK at the start of IFIS, but as the evening wore on my throat started giving out on me again. Mostly because people kept asking me to shout and repeat myself, which meant my throat got worse and I started talking more horsely and quietly.

Then to top off the night, cryx insists on taking a picture of me despite me saying I didn't want to have one taken. Rather than waiting for a time when I was feeling a bit happier about my self image she decides that the best time to take a photo of me is when I'm unshaven, my hair is a mess and I'm feeling all fat and smelly. I'm brutally grabbed my Lyth and subjected to a torturous photosession of uglyness. Gah. I hope the camera gets subjected to a large, freakish EMP burst and all the pictures of me get wiped - especially as she is threatening to put them up a website of shame somewhere so the people of the world can mock.


Well, Rowena must be blind then. As far as I am concerned you are better looking than he is. for what my opinion is worth.

You aren't the one who's known as Creepy Chris by the fresher's. You are Nice Chris, remember that. :)
And then there's personality. And in the sacred words of Saint Jules, "personality goes a long way". ^_^
Thanks for the words of sage mediator steve.. :P As i've mentioned to some, i'm an elastic band anger woman, so i ra! loudly and quickly, and then get over it quickly... you won't find any ra! here now. Irkedness i keep longer, but if i ra! it comes and goes...

As for the debate on how much you hate yourself goes, i tried to poke you about this last night. Self confidence is your main problem. In a personal opinion, you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more cute than others i could mention. and i mean that really... (and you also have a non- repulsive personality which also helps you win in the attractiveness stakes). i can give you all sorts of examples, but they are not suitable for this forum, chat to me privately and i'll tell you what i mean.

Down be so bloody down about yourself, or i'll have to beat you with sticks!!!!!!!! :P~~~~~~~~~
Yeah. What she said. ^_^

See me be the Voice of Reason. And for my next trick, peace in the Middle-East and Northern Ireland! ^_~

*Bludgens steve* I can't believe you could be so wrong steve!! you agreed with me!! that's it.. i'm not talking to you any more... ;)

Be the voice of reason now! :P~~~~~

Seriously though chris, you are part of the nice chris/nasty chris combo.. and you ain't the nasty one... In fact notice how i wanted a picture of you for my, "why my friends are great" page, but other people i have no photo record of at all.. despite them standing right next to you... (holding you down as i remember)

How can I be great when you're going to put up the most hideous picture you can find of me!?!?!? People won't believe a word you say if they see one of those photos.

And I don't believe in this nice chris/nasty chris thing. If I'm the nice one, how come the nasty ones have a better time of it? The freshers (as previously mentioned) practically ignore me, but chat quite happily to Lyth!?!?!

exactly. there was a large contingent of us who fled to the garden from Lyth, led by Wendy. We were most displeased when Bena blabbed to Lyth that we were hiding from him.

Chris Lyth is creepy and scary to talk to.
Chris Turner on the other hand is a nice chap who people like talking to and who doesn't freak random freshers out.

I'm not even going to go into what Bena is like, except that I think it's a shame she decide to come back to IFIS.

As for Lyth, I'll take what you say is the truth. I can't agree with what you say about me, cos I've never seen the freshers actively wanting to talk to me or not being freaked out so much when I talk to them that they just walk away in the middle of a conversation without even making their excuses.