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Secondly, I think I've been talking to duana on here too much as I appear to have caught her cold. My nose is clogged, my throat is sore and I keep coughing.

Going to RockSoc on Wednesday didn't help the situation as some git was smoking the most acrid cigarettes I've ever had the misfortune to passive smoke. I might as well have been gargling acid given the state my throat was in. A good nights rest was in order...except I didn't get it. I admittedly woke up feeling a lot better, but not as good as I good have done. Felt well enough to go into work which didn't make me any worse.

Felt OK at the start of IFIS, but as the evening wore on my throat started giving out on me again. Mostly because people kept asking me to shout and repeat myself, which meant my throat got worse and I started talking more horsely and quietly.

Then to top off the night, cryx insists on taking a picture of me despite me saying I didn't want to have one taken. Rather than waiting for a time when I was feeling a bit happier about my self image she decides that the best time to take a photo of me is when I'm unshaven, my hair is a mess and I'm feeling all fat and smelly. I'm brutally grabbed my Lyth and subjected to a torturous photosession of uglyness. Gah. I hope the camera gets subjected to a large, freakish EMP burst and all the pictures of me get wiped - especially as she is threatening to put them up a website of shame somewhere so the people of the world can mock.


Heynow, can we be calm for a moment here please?

This looks like it could develop into one of those feisty arguments of rargh-ness, so I think it would be good for people to cool down for a bit before further unhappiness starts to fly and feisty things get said that people will regret later.

What this sounds like is a misunderstanding (crazy I know, as we never get those round here, but nevertheless it's not entirely impossible).

The situation as I see it from the outside: Chris, feeling generally grotty, got a camera pointed at him by Linette, who was in a new-camera photo-taking type happy mood - "New toy, must play with!" sort of thing. Chris says "No pictures!", as he's not in the mood for a photographic record of him feeling grotty. Linette mistakes this for a "No pictures!" in a perhaps more playful kind of manner, in the same way that other people often squeak and say "Noooo!" when you point a camera at them, so it becomes a game of waiting until the target is unawares and then taking the photo.

This is the core of the misunderstanding. "No pictures!" (really, I mean it) versus "No pictures!" (ha! you'll have to work for a photo of me!)

Photo thus taken under duress, Chris is not happy. He feels that if this picture is put on the web (in whatever context), people seeing him in grotty mode will point and laugh. He says so on his LiveJournal. Linette, reading this entry, reads it as meaning that he thinks she will deliberately put it on the web in a grand Hall of Shame, where people will be encouraged to point and laugh. This is evidently not the case. Linette is thus outraged. And so the stage is set for much argument and general unhappiness.

Now, hopefully that's a bit of perspective on the situation, giving both sides the benefit of the doubt. Working out the various reconciliations is left as an exercise to those involved, but I'd encourage them to be made. This isn't a matter that should provoke big arguments. It's just not worth it.

Do correct me if I'm wrong in any of these things, by the way - I wasn't there, obviously, so the things said above are guesses at best. But it's my attempt, as a more-or-less neutral third party, at defusing this generally rather unpleasant disagreement before friendships get ruined.

Just my �0.02 worth.