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Secondly, I think I've been talking to duana on here too much as I appear to have caught her cold. My nose is clogged, my throat is sore and I keep coughing.

Going to RockSoc on Wednesday didn't help the situation as some git was smoking the most acrid cigarettes I've ever had the misfortune to passive smoke. I might as well have been gargling acid given the state my throat was in. A good nights rest was in order...except I didn't get it. I admittedly woke up feeling a lot better, but not as good as I good have done. Felt well enough to go into work which didn't make me any worse.

Felt OK at the start of IFIS, but as the evening wore on my throat started giving out on me again. Mostly because people kept asking me to shout and repeat myself, which meant my throat got worse and I started talking more horsely and quietly.

Then to top off the night, cryx insists on taking a picture of me despite me saying I didn't want to have one taken. Rather than waiting for a time when I was feeling a bit happier about my self image she decides that the best time to take a photo of me is when I'm unshaven, my hair is a mess and I'm feeling all fat and smelly. I'm brutally grabbed my Lyth and subjected to a torturous photosession of uglyness. Gah. I hope the camera gets subjected to a large, freakish EMP burst and all the pictures of me get wiped - especially as she is threatening to put them up a website of shame somewhere so the people of the world can mock.


Fuck off... i've seen you avoid the camera many times. You did the night before. You would never have let me take a picture. And i'm glad you think that my planned website where i say why each of my friends means so much to me, is a website of shame, where everyone who appears on it will be mocked.

Thanks alot.

I'm sorry, but would you want your photo taken when you were looking crap? I said repeatedly you could take my photo when I had tarted myself up a bit, like at the party tonight, but instead you had me roughed up and took photos of me in the most grotesque postures imaginable.

You can hardly blame me for thinking badly of your new website if the only pictures you seem to want for it are of the most embaressing and upsetting kind, is it? There are plenty of decent photos of me already - the one I use for LJ is probably the best, if a little old.