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Arse! Garou starts really early on Saturday.


I assume you mean SE Regional Garou, not the Runnymede Garou?

Cause Runnymede starts 2:30pm as usual (ish)

Nope. Check your mail. Adam has brought the game forward to 12:00.

easier to sneak into LJ than Yahoo! during work :(

Hum. ratties? I don't know if this is a problem or not. I shall think muchly.
Sadly dearest you do not subscribe to the correct Yahoo group list and AH has been a tad muppetish! To be fair he is not Garou DC - here is the mail that was posted to UK_Game_Info at 15:05

Hi all,

At the request of some of our players, we're moving the
start time of the Runnymede Garou back to 12:00 in order
to allow time for people to travel to the SE regional.

All other details remain unchanged.




The dates and times should be correct on the website - the coordinators have access to update them.