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Last night was practically empty. If it wasn't for the music, I'm not entirely sure why I went. There were a couple of kids trick-or-treating who came into the pub *boggle*. They got told to sod off by the pub owners cos they were early.

The new owners are very um...odd? They let their irritating yippy dogs wander about all evening. And then wonder why one of them manages to get lost. Big pub. Small dogs. Plenty of doors to escape by. I was half expecting to see the daft thing on the way home.

I think I have a vague idea what I'm doing tomorrow now too.


What's your plan for the night of EVIL then?

Well...I've researched what sorts of things people did in the past before it turned into a night of begging for candy and watching horror movies and apparently they used to have a feast. So I'm pondering doing something food related - not entirely sure what yet.

Something that involves cooking too - not just getting a curry from the takeaway ;)

Mmm... curry...