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Hmmm...I'm kinda tempted by the recent Halloween meme to do it properly. Have it so that everyone starts off with N items of sweeties and as many duff items as they want and then they nominate what they'd do to people and what order they'd visit them and then on the day, it works out what happened.


hmmm..... could be interesting. have you got time to waste sorting it? =)

Maybe. It's do-able, but I should also be getting the online approvals system up sorted. Which it is. Just need to make sure people are happy with it. Sharp pokey stick time I think!

online approvals? ooooh, how crispy =)

Yeah...it's a toss up between the version I've been working on that uses the current stuff we use, or the US one which doesn't interface with our stuff at all.

the US one sounds really... useful =P

Well to be fair, it does do the job. It's just that everyone would need to have new accounts on it and when they applied for stuff, would have to submit their character sheets too. (I think)

The UK one just cuts a few corners by having all that kind of stuff to hand already - although creating new characters isn't something I've not done yet and doh! I should probably do RealSoonNow!