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I tried getting a mobile phone over the weekend too, but the salesman suggested I find out what everyone else is on first, so I have a better idea which would be the cheapest for me to go for. So if people could fill in the poll, I can have a better idea about what network I should go for :)

What phone network are you on


Orange 60 I think.

Hubbie, Dad, RM & I all got Orange together as part of a 'Deal' on handsets. Does seem that Orange is the network of choice amoungst our mates.

ngah, not about phonage

er, lo, you on the malk list or what? i am fruitlessly trying to locate it on my own and havd FAILED miserably. * hangs head * i have decided it is time poor peter got involved with stuff other than listening out for midnyte and cassidy, should they choose to make any noise at any point. bum to them, in short. in an aside, i am tempted to have a yearly competition, Mouse Dance Academy.

Re: ngah, not about phonage

Ah - it's a bit tricky to find cos the last moderator had a hissy fit or something and wouldn't hand over the list. So we've got a new list now. Anyone who isn't a malk - close yer eyes.... malk-UK@yahoogroups.com is the new address :)

Get on it quick, cos I posted some updated info that we didn't have time to tell you on Saturday cos you were being all stompy :)

Hmmm...it's looking increasingly likely that Orange is going to be the winner. Which is probably a better bet than O2, cos it'd be daft to have two gizmos on the same network and neither of them working.