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Actually it might have just one been one dream, cos I'm fairly certain that the other people in the dream were the same people.

The first part I don't really remember much of, or at least understand. For some reason or other, I was with a group of people who were creating portals to places. I think we were in some form of conflict with someone else. This someone else was also creating portals as well and I think we were chasing after them to fix the mess they were making.

Then someone else turned up and they'd some how fixed everything and created some kind of special portal that would put everyone back in the right place as if nothing had happened.

The next part of the dream I was in a house. There was a guy who was really drunk and abusive to everyone, including this woman (or girl?) who I think was his daughter or she might have been his girlfriend. Either way, this guy is a bit of a shit. And must have liked eating beans and peas cos he kept throwing them up. The woman runs off with this other guy and for no apparent reason, the drunk guy sends me off to find them. So I go to the police station and get them to tell me if they see a bike with the number plate.

Some how this worked and we all meet up again. And then the dream shifts again and we're all fleeing someone. The girl has been tortured by someone and has staples in all kinds of bits of her body - her stomach, breasts - all over the shop. We end up on a beach with the sea in front of us and there's a cage - no idea how that got there. Might have been where the girl was being stored. Whoever is chasing us - the guy(s) torturing the girl - catch up and in a sporting fashion give us until dawn to swim away. Or maybe we had to swim away at dawn. Either way - they left us alone at that point and I woke up.

Other than freaky dreams of wierdness, things are perky. *poings about excitedly* Marvel at my yo-yo'ing emotional state :)