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RockSoc was quiet. Lots of fun music. Had a nap before hand which if I hadn't gotten woken up by an SMS from eggwhite might have lasted far too late.

I'm having fun at work today, breaking the new system I installed. For example - I'm running a program to increase the load of the machine. Currently it's reporting that the machine is using 94200% of it's available CPU. *grins*

Yes - this is technically correct. There are about 1000 programs running that are doing nothing except an endless loop.

To think that this is the sort of hijinx that compsci students get up to. Killing other peoples' computers by making them so stupidly busy that nothing - not even the OS - has time to run. Except this one I quickly wrote stops spawning more copies of itself - normally they keep spawing more and more and more until someone reboots the machine. All good fun :)

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