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So...tonight is RockSoc. Lots of fun and loud music down The Railway. Hopefully eggwhite remembers to go :)


I've been lead to believe that people turn up from about 8 onwards and leave when the music stops turning their brain to liquid :) [which is closing time]

Yeah - it's not been a NF pub for _ages_. A lot longer than 5 years.

At the moment it's not too bad. Some idiot has painted the lovely wooden interior sky blue. One of the landlords about 3 years ago put in a projector screen so people could watch sport. Which was bloody annoying cos there was a period when there was football on during the rock night. They've added plush (blue) sofas around the place now. Not entirely sure what kind of look or feel they're after :)

But the rock night is fun and cool. Lots of loud stompy music :)