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I didn't watch The Witches of Eastwick on Friday as planned - watched it on Saturday instead. Instead the evil that is The Italian owned my soul and I completed a few more circuits. I guess I should play the actual main game a bit more and see if I can unlock some new vehicles.

Saturday I rushed into Staines to pay some cheques in, only to discover that Barclays have decided to stay open longer on Saturdays. Major w00t! But I wish they'd told people - I wouldn't have rushed if I'd known. Then I bought a few bits and bobs (including the 2 new Buffy RPG books) and decided to check out what was on at the cinema.

I found that I had about 30 minutes until the next LXG showing, so I decided to head over to PC World to see how badly they sucked. Well they certainly lived up to my expectations and sucked harder than the Dyson research labs. I need a new harddrive and after failing utterly to find any SCSI harddrives (but managing to find SCSI cards) I asked some of the staff. I might as well have been speaking Klingon to the first guy, the second just pointed me at the IDE drives and then when I re-iterated that I wanted SCSI, he just told me to go and ask someone else. So at that point I gave up.

Got back to the cinema to discover that their clock is 20 minutes fast, so I'd missed the film. So I figured that I was doomed to failure and headed home.

My plans to take over the world get lots of people using IGOR seems to be coming along great as the new NST, Marc, has reputedly been singing it's praises. Eeep! So mucho incentive to make sure everything works.

Missed the start of re-enactment, but still got there in time to watch lots of people hitting each other with swords. Pub was very busy, but hardly any of the usual crowd turned up - it was mostly the re-enactors. Spent the rest of the day coding and stuff and watching Spawn.

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