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Coo. My leaving gift from the Beeb has arrived. I'm now the happy owner of...

  • The first season of Six Feet under (DVD)
  • The Italian Job: LA Heist (PS2)
  • A book on CSS
  • The Bluntman and Chronic comic book

There's still the latest Lemony Snicket book to arrive cos Amazon smell and have delayed it for some reason. Now if only I had a free evening - I can't wait to hurtle about LA in a mini :)


That's a pretty good leaving gift... first season of six feet under you say? Let me know when it's available for borrowing please! (Cheeky bastard ain't I)

I know - they got me a surprisingly large amazon gift voucher. I think someone said they'd looked at my wishlist and gave up trying to work out what to get, so got the voucher instead.

No idea when I'll be lending it out - I've got some catching up to do myself with it.