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Not much happening the past few days. Weekend was fun. I shall hopefully be attempting to do some more packing for the Great Move. The problem I hadn't picked on previously was that the PC sitting in the middle of the floor was well...in the way. Since it's no longer needed, I shall put it back into it's cupboard where it shall continue to gather dust forever or until I move.

Once out of the way, I shall have what people who don't live in overpriced broomcupboards call "floor space". Using this "floor space" I shall be able to put down one of the amazing colapsable crates and fill it with all my junk. I might even be able to vacuum the floor too.


What's floor space?

It's apparently a bit like ground, but inside homes. You can walk or run or jump about on it and not trip over laundry, books, computers, pets, housemates etc...

Well I can still get from the door to my bed, does that count?

Nope. Floorspace would indicate having much more space to move around than that.