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Ouch. My arms and shoulders really ache after mucking about making holes in the floor and playing silly buggers with cables. Still, I feel good that I've got some work done and it's all OK. Just have to wait for the machines to be networked and then I can finish installing them.

Yesterday, Hell froze over. I must admit I hadn't realised it had happened, until I got to the game at Simon's early and found everyone else there before me :)

Not entirely a happy bunny this morning what with achey bits, but also cos my poor ickle computer is dead and alone in London. So no cam website or TIL or anything up at the moment.


my poor ickle computer is dead and alone in London

It seems okay to me - TIL, cam and IFIS websites seem to be up.

Thats cos Nick just got in and brought the machine up.

We dunno why it died yet though :(