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On the first day of Runnymede my STs gave to me....

Still felt blergh, but partly that was from having walked up that hill and feeling very tired. Hardly ever get to roleplay my derangement, so I figured I'd have it activated at the start of the game cos it'd be no different to me just being blergh. By the time I started perking up (IC and OOC) I was hit about the face with plot and start poinging about the place trying to get things done.

Have some plans for the character now - especially with renewal coming up. Need to poke sea_cucumber about ideas about Paths.

On the second day of Runnymede my STs gave to me....

I'm definitely feeling the strain of Garou - it's so full of having to learn stuff rather than anything else. It's much easier when we're just killing stuff - I know vaguely what I'm doing then. Need to get my character fitter though as he got trounced towards the end of the game. He also got a lovely new battle scar - a claw/foot print on his chest from where someone in Crinos stood on him to get to the battle :)

Cam-Anarch was a double helping of harsh with extra harsh and extra crunch harsh bits on top. Nearly died in a pre-game but have discovered religion. Nearly died in the main game due to religion. Almost frenzied at a blood soaked teddybear :)

On the last day of Runnymede my STs gave to me....

Pub was OK, although I felt strangely full. Not a satisfied full. More of a alien chest burster full. Thankfully it didn't affect me playing Mage, although I was NPCing as my normal character is currently off elsewhere. Don't think we did a bad job on the NPCing although the housemates did imediately distrust us. But not enough to stop us from taking sea_cucumber, drugging her and trying to make good our escape. Foolish drive tactics on my part resulted in us getting captured. Should have just thrown her out in front of the pursuing car - that'd have stopped them *muahahahahahas*

The rest of Sunday was spent at House of Plot where I played Soul Caliber 2. And now I'm very confused as to whether I should get the PS2 version or not. It has a character from Tekken in it - the old guy with the stupid sticky out hair. Where as the X-Box version has Spawn! I'm lucky that I don't have the Nintendo version to look forward to - it's got a poncy elf in it. Am definitely swayed more towards cool Spawn than daft old bloke...

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