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Chocolate can cure all known ills. I've just had one Yorkie bar and I'm feeling a lot better. Especially as it was a free Yorkie.


Free choccit?! That's not fair!!


It was only free cos the snack machine here is a bit crap and it's possible to get stuff out of it without paying :)

Oooh! Cool! Yay for free choccit, hmm I want chocolate now, damn you!

*wanders off on a chocolate hunt*

Muahahahahahahahahaha :)

I found galaxy choccit! - Nummy!
i wish chocolate would make me feel better!

whole mouth swollen and feeling sick

but glad your feeling better

What you want is lots of yummy soup. It's what I lived on when I had my jawbone cyst removed.

soup sounds good,
i just feel like i have a chill + the pain from the removal of four wisdom teeth!

i think it may be breaking my insomnia