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Well, we were right about last year's GameSoc committee being utter arseholes. All the money raised by the auction went to buying themselves games and a piss-up. I'm hoping that this might prod the current committee into re-thinking the idea that the handover should happen at the start of the year.

Still, the new committee are bright eager and a whole lot better. Things are looking good. This year is full of eager roleplayers. One of which is a White Wolf fanatic who happens to be looking for a WW LARP game...so thankyoukindly - expect an email (if you don't already have it).

First meeting as usual was screwed over by the SU. Got booked the worst room for gaming - one with no tables - so the committee decided to borrow a room in the Arts block. Which personally I think wasn't the wisest of moves as the Arts block is one of the buildings Dads Army keep a close eye on. And sure enough, one of the doddering old fools came and told us off. He let us off with a warning thankfully.

GameSoc's first meeting was closely followed by a quick stop over to chat about wierd stuff. wildrogue did a Tarot reading for me, which as seems to be the way with Tarot for me at the moment, was suitable vague and could apply to so many different aspects of my life if I think about it too much, but we're going to go for our first guess and stick with it.


Um...there are probably about 2 people you know that turn up - me and Lyth. There are lots of shiny new members all eager to play D&D (apparently).

Oh yeah. The american lass who is really into WoD...she's a mage player. She's not entirely convinced about Mage Live, but I'd imagine she might be willing to give it a try. It's not like our game is like the other cheesey stuff that is out there :)