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Well...all done. I was right though - they had a HUGE queue which for ages didn't move. Silly SU. Did mean I got to decline lots of leaflets and chat to battle re-enactment folk.

But I got in eventually and signed up with the 4 socs I wanted: IFIS, GameSoc, RockSoc and Battle Re-enactment. RockSoc looks like it's really eager this year, although they've got Arseface as treasurer, so I expect he'll be off to sunny climes soon.



Yes...the one who has a face that looks like an arse and covers up his greasy scanky head with a teatowel. Yup. He's back at RHUL and making the place look untidy still.

Oh gods. Why won't he just die?
He's still around? Christ almighty, he's like a turd that won't flush. Haven't the authorities caught up with him yet?

Doesn't look like it. I doubt RockSoc would have elected him as Treasurer if they knew what he was like. I'm certainly going to be careful if/when I hand any cash over to the committee.