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Today's weather is being utterly screwy (and typically British). When I left home this morning it was bright sunshine - almost hot. By the time I'd got to work, the sky was full of dark ominious clouds. I should point out to those of you who haven't been keeping up with my LJ, that the distance between these two points is about half a mile (at most 10 minutes walk).

After have a nice spell of rain - it's now back to being blue sky and sunny again. Hopefully this means hordes of cute, skimpily dressed students wandering about like yesterday.

[EDIT] I spoke too soon. It's now pissing down with rain and being uber windy. Just the sort of weather that kills umbrellas. [/EDIT]

Which I did forget to mention. Yesterday did have a major plus-plus point in that every where you looked, there were gorgeous young female students wearing summer outfits still. Yum ;)

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