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Well all in all that was a pretty crap weekend. I failed utterly to find the party on Friday cos I'd got the wrong street name. All dressed up and nowhere to go. Plus I had rum too and despite it being a piratey type party, everyone had forgotten to bring some.

On Saturday I did nothing. Nothing of note at least. I didn't go shopping or see any films. I just sat at home and killed stuff on the PS2. I got quite good at blowing out tires on GTA3-VC and chasing after the crippled vehicles. They don't run away very fast though, so they don't cause wide spread chaos and mayhem.

I had a very wierd dream on Saturday night. I'm not entirely sure, but I think I had the same dream or at least part of it on Friday too. The dream was about me being constantly attacked in a flat that I apparently was living in. No idea why I was being attacked, but every so often, a bumbling fool would try and kidnap me or something. By the end of the dream they were getting better and setting traps, but still they were no match for my cunning and resourcefulness.

Sometimes the dream would go next door into House of Them. Apparently we'd moved into a new set of flats where we were neighbours. But mostly it was in my flat. Quite a big flat too. Lots of interconnected rooms. But not very furnished - like I'd just moved in.

Saturday's dream also had a bit where a whole bunch of us were stuck out in the middle of somewhere - along a busy road I think. Definitely out in the countryside somewhere. I think I was trying to get to my old work cos eventually when someone with a car turned up, I tried getting a lift to Slough station or somewhere like that, cos apparently that was nearby.

Sunday was quiet too. Found out that the best way to get cars to run away quickly from you, is to do the vigilante mission - then blow their tires out for lots of murderous mayhem. Pub was uber quiet.

The only good news I have, is that another batch of sunflowers I'd given up hope on, has started to grow. w00t! Maybe I'm not such plant killer after all.

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