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Woke up this morning and whilst I was chowing down on breakfast, I decided to check my mail. So I went to dial up and...found I was already dialed up. In fact I'd been dialed up all night! Oops! I really hope I've got the right phonenumber for Freeserve's free number, otherwise my phonebill is going to be very painful.

Must sort myself out with ADSL.


Ah. I would, but then it would automatically redial again cos to get around the stupid 2hour cutoff from Freeserve, I've got it auto-redialing. Otherwise I tend to sit there for several minutes not noticing it's all gone quiet :)

There is another option that I could turn on that makes it only dial up on demand - but that requires a remote IP address which I don't get. I think I might experiment with this to see if I can get it to dial up anyway and then let it renegotiate a new one or something.