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Well I guess I should do an entry - it's been a while since I last did one. Not been up to much. Saturday I got up waaaaaaay too late and rushed into London for various cam games. C/A game was very sedate compared to usual games - not nearly as much harshing we normally expect to get under grim. davedevil isn't as mean to us as grim is ;)

Sunday was full of much more angst with the local mage game, although I did spend most of it OOCly wondering what I should be doing, cos if I did do anything even remotely sensible, it would involve me going home OOC, cos IC my character would have fled. Ah well. What can you do, eh?

Other than that - nothing much to report. Managed to install a C compiler on my old Windows 3.1 box, which means that it's a bit more useful than before. Doesn't look like I'll be able to get it to link up to the webcams though.


MC3? Is that all? I think we can probably cope with that level of cheese... if a downtime session occurs we can discuss it then.

Well it was MC3 - when I renewal it'll be MC5 or a few prestige points short of it. Always seem to miss the next level up - they should provide a few goblins for us to kill at the AGM :)