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Bah. My finger hurts. Not uber painfully, but in the sort of way that implies I have a papercut or a splinter. Except on examination I can't see anything - it just hurts when something comes into contact with a part of it. DoubleBah!

Otherwise, life is uneventful mostly.


me too

Funny, me too! Kind of oddly it is the pad and inside of the first knuckle joint of my middle finger on the right hand, but I swear I've not been sticking it up at people who annoy me.

Re: me too

Well it's my index finger - I can't think what I could have been doing with it to hurt it.

Re: me too

A variation on Elite Commanders Thumb? :)

Re: me too

Never had that. I suspect it's a paper cut I got off my P45 that I opened today.